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Every Smarterer test question is crowdsourced from thousands of subject matter experts around the globe (like you!). As the job landscape evolves and new skills emerge, we rapidly surface the latest developments.

Each question passes through a rigorous vetting process - we gather hundreds of data points to understand its relevance and difficulty level, before including the question in a scored test.

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“Smarterer is going about the business of changing the testing industry as we know it.”

Charles Handler, IO Psychologist

“As someone who's looking to make a career change, the idea of having something objective to measure myself against helps me validate what's going on my resume.”

Raymond Z.

“I don't have a college degree, but have worked hard to educate myself and develop as a graphic designer. Smarterer allows me to continue working at a professional level in my chosen field, rather than have to start over from minimum wage when I change employers.”

Schuyler A. 
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