Smarterer API


Get profile information for a specified username or, if 'me' is specified as username, the currently authenticated OAuth user.


  • /api/users/me: Get user profile information for the user currently logged-in via OAuth. Requires authorization as a user.
  • /api/users/{username}: Get public user profile information for a user by username.


required for 'me'
User oauth access token for whom the request is being made.

API Response


    "username": "someuser",
    "bio": "A smarterer sample user.",
    "first_name": "Some",
    "last_name": "User",
    "profile_image": "",
    "link": "",
    "location": "Boston, Massachusetts",
    "organization": "Smarterer"

Response Structure

The response is a javascript object containing the following keys:
  • username: a string
  • bio: a string or null
  • first_name: a string or null
  • last_name: a string or null
  • profile_image: a string or null
  • link: a string or null
  • location: a string or null
  • organization: a string or null