Smarterer API


Get a list of all tests, optionally filtered by category. Or if passed a URL slug, get detailed information on the single test identified by the URL slug.


  • /api/tests: Get a listing of all tests.

  • /api/tests?details=true: Get a listing of all tests, including detailed information (such as a longer text Description).

  • /api/tests?tag={tag_name}: Get a listing of all tests in the supplied category. For example, to get all tests related to professional skills, use /api/tests?tag=Skills.

    marked for deprecation: for searching tests (and tags), please use the Search Tests API endpoint.

  • /api/tests/{url_slug}: Get information on a single test, including the test's description. The test is identified by its URL slug, the unique identifier string used in test URLs. For example, the Google Search test is available at, and its URL slug is google-search. If no test matches the given URL slug, an empty list is returned.

API Response

Example for /api/tests/google-search

    "num_tests": 1, 
    "tests": [
            "description": "Google Search is the most-used search engine on the Web.", 
            "icon": "", 
            "in_nursery": false, 
            "name": "Google Search", 
            "primary_tags": [
                "Websites & Apps",
            "short_name": "Google", 
            "syllabus": [
                "Best practices in conducting a specific search", 
                "Properties of advanced search settings", 
                "Filtering results", 
                "Integrated features of Google Search"
            "take_test_url": "", 
            "url_slug": "google-search"

Response Structure

The response is a javascript object containing two keys:
  • tests: an array of objects describing individual matching tests.
  • num_tests: an integer representing the number of matching tests.
Within the tests array are objects with the following keys:
  • name: human-readable title of the test
  • url_slug: URL slug (unique identifier) for the test
  • take_test_url: URL where a user would go to take this test
  • in_nursery: boolean, indicating whether this is a "nursery" test. Our most mature tests will have in_nursery = false.
  • icon: URL of the icon that represents this test.
  • description: Longer text description of the test subject. Only returned in single-test queries by URL slug, and general queries with details = true.
  • syllabus: Topic content for this test. Returned in single-test queries by URL slug only.
  • primary_tags: list of category/tag name that include this test.