The Smarterer REST API Endpoint Documentation

GET badgesget badge info for the currently authenticated user.
GET client_infoget basic metadata about your client application's settings.
GET healthget the current operational status of Smarterer and its services.
GET search/tests?q={search_term}search Smarterer for tests matching specific names, descriptions or tags/categories
GET testsget information on all Smarterer tests, optionally filtered by category tag.
GET tests/{url_slug}get information on a single Smarterer test, identified by the test's URL slug.
GET users/{username}get profile information about users, including profile_image and location.

API Errors

The Smarterer API will return non 200 or 201 HTTP response codes to indicate errors. Generally these will be in the 4XX range of errors.

400 Bad RequestThe API was unable to process the request because it was badly formed.
404 Not FoundEndpoint not found or an authorization token may be required
410 UnauthorizedThe provided access_token was revoked, invalid or the endpoint requires special advanced privileges.
429 Too Many RequestsThe client has exceeded rate limits.

In addition to an HTTP response code, the API will usually attempt to return a JSON response with additional information about the error in the 'reason' field.


          "error": true,
          "reason": "This call requires an oauth access token."