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Best Cities for Recent College Graduates

If you’re a recent college graduate relocating to a big city is most likely in your future. In this economy it’s important to be where the jobs are and for many college grads relocation has become inevitable. Job searching from a distance is just not going to cut it. For the sake of networking and your future, you want to be where the action is. Thankfully Careerbuilder.com and Apartments.com have teamed up and released a list with the 10 best cities for recent grads. Their infographic breaks down the average monthly rent on a 1 bedroom apartment and the most popular industries in that city. To no surprise Washington D.C., New York City and Boston take the top three spots. (Since it’s probable that you’ll be relocating before you land the big job, I highly suggest temping. It allows you to support yourself while you search and shows potential employers that you’re ambitious and eager to work.)

Infographic by Apartments.com and Careerbuilder.comDon’t see a city on the list that interests you? Penelope Trunk suggests that you “choose a city since you can’t choose a job.” Being happy with where you live is vital to your overall happiness. Things like quality of life, walkability, public transportation should all be taken into consideration. Penelope says that a “resource for figuring out where you belong is Richard Florida’s book, “Who’s Your City?”, which he has conveniently broken up into web-friendly widgets for your relocating pleasure.” This place finder widget helps to put current and potential options into perspective.

If you’re on a tight budget and have a pioneering side to you, why not try out an up and coming city? A number of cities have organized programs to attract young professionals. Jessica Stillman points out in an article that as part of an urban revitalization plan, Detroit has launched a new initiative called Challenge Detroit and is “offering selected applicants a $500 a month housing stipend and a $30,000 salary to move to the city and work at a top Detroit company.” This year’s 30 participants have already been selected, but Jessica says that “if participating in the turn around of one of America’s iconic cities appeals to you, keep an eye out for next year.”

If you already have a favorite city, try doing a little research about its opportunities for young professionals, perhaps you’ll find a similar program? For example, Boston.com recently published an article that shares valuable information about a city wide program aimed at retaining young professionals in the city and explains how thanks to this program young people can afford to buy in Boston!

Know of any such programs in other cities? Please share them with us!