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How to Share Your Smarterer Scores

Last week, I wrote about exciting new changes we made to Smarterer. You can now review every question you answer after a test session to improve your skills, and can return to measure improvements in your score over time to help guide your learning efforts. This change marks a shift from public skill validation to private learning, and with it, we’ve removed public profiles from Smarterer. But don’t worry–you can still share your scores!

How to Share Your Smarterer Scores

1) Visit your dashboard
2) Locate the score you would like to share
3) Click “Share,” then click “link/email”
4) Copy and paste each score into an email for easy sharing

You can also include your links on your LinkedIn profile, blog, or any other site where you would like to display your knowledge.

We recognize that publishing scores is important to many of our community member, and we are actively working on new ways to facilitate sharing. Have thoughts on how you’d like to be able to share your scores? Email us at We welcome feedback as we continue to build new tools into our product. We’d love to hear from you!

Jennifer Fremont-Smith

Question Review: A New Smarterer Way to Learn

Everywhere you look, there are new ways to learn on and offline. We’re in the midst of a massive trend towards lifelong learning – a trend that has empowered people with unprecedented choices about when, where, and how to learn. With so many ways to learn, people need a simple way to benchmark their skills and track their progress as they improve their skills.

Until now, Smarterer has focused primarily on helping you quantify your skills. Public profile pages, badges, and competitive leaderboards helped you show what you know. But time and again, we heard from the community that you want to use Smarterer in a more private way, to track your progress against your learning goals. You told us that you want to review questions and use Smarterer tests to improve your skills, not just to prove them.

So we listened.

Today we’re rolling out three major new product enhancements that will better enable you to learn with Smarterer:

  • Improved Test Flow: One of Smarterer’s greatest assets is the ability to calibrate someone’s score in under 20 questions (think 60 seconds or so!). Where before, many people continued answering an endless supply of questions with the hope of improving scores, we now message you as soon as we’re able to accurately assess your skill level, creating a clear end to each test session.
  • Question Review: Since launching, we’ve heard that people value Smarterer test questions as a way to expand their knowledge. Following each test session, we now promptly move you into a new mode where you can review every question, learning from right and wrong responses.
  • Continuous Benchmarking: Keeping each individual’s personal learning path in mind, our new user flow enables you to return over time to reassess your skills as you learn. With so many new learning options available (from EdX to Udemy to Skillshare), this becomes an essential tool for measuring the impact of different types of curriculum.

Question Review


In support of this shift from external recognition to private validation, we’ve also replaced public profiles with a personal dashboard to house these new learning tools. From the first day you create an account, your scores are private by default.

This new learning-focused experience comes close on the heels of our decision to remove leaderboards from the site. We found that users didn’t want to compete with each other nearly as much as with themselves, while using Smarterer to direct their learning. For those among you who thrive on being at the top, we’ve introduced your skill rank in the dashboard, letting you know exactly how your skills stack up–you can still see just exactly how much Smarterer you are than the rest of the pack!

We hope you’ll dive in to explore these new tools. This is just the first step in our evolution toward fostering learning. Stay tuned for more game-changing builds in the near future. And of course, let us know if you have any suggestions–we’re listening.

Smarterer Grows to 10M Questions Answered and Raises $1.75 Million to Ace Skill Assessment

Back in January, we reported that Smarterer grew by more than 1250% in just one week, and we’re continuing along the same steep curve–we just passed the 10 million questions answered marked! Our community has answered more than 1,000,000 questions in the Smarterer Excel test alone, taking the test more than 42,000 times. People have spent the equivalent of 176 days or 5.7 months answering questions about Microsoft Excel. You can now prove over 500 skills with SmartererPeople are Answering more Test questions

Now we have another exciting new milestone to report. Just last week, Smarterer completed its Series A funding, raising $1.75 Million. True Ventures led the round, which also included an investment from Google Ventures, as well as a dozen angel investors. Tony Conrad from True will join Smarterer’s Board of Directors. We feel incredibly fortunate to draw on the experience and expertise of both firms, who saw our vision early, supported us as we built toward that vision and continue to be incredibly helpful every single day.

Back in March, our Exec Chair and co-founder, Dave Balter, wrote in a blog post: “What’s coming for education is something like the shift the music industry failed to see until it was too late. Things will never be the same again…” It’s not just education–we see an entire ecosystem ripe for disruption, as skills become a critical tool for hiring and candidate evaluations, and for managing our reputations online.

On the hiring front, Smarterer recently kicked off partnerships with The Resumator and Bullhorn Reach (Applicant Tracking Systems), and is rolling out an integration with Branchout among others — taking the hassle out of hiring. Our new Skillsets platform allows hiring managers to stack rank candidates by their actual skills, and enables professionals to position themselves for employment based on what they really know. It’s truly a win-win for for everyone involved in the job search.

In the personal reputation management space, we just rolled out a brand spanking new partnership with Now you can de-clutter your digital life by linking your Smarterer profile and scores to your profile page, keeping all your favorite online tools together in one place, through this sleek new integration.

So how does all of this tie together?  Just consider the story of Dave Sturgis.

Back in high-school, a guidance counselor assured Smarterer engineer Dave Sturgis that because he wasn’t good at math, he’d never be able to complete a Computer Science degree in college. Dave wouldn’t accept that and taught himself what he needed to know, evolving into and truly amazing developer; he’s now playing a vital role in building Smarterer. His story isn’t uncommon–people transition hobbies into careers everyday–and our team is on a mission to make it possible for anyone, anywhere to prove any skill. With our additional capital, we’ll be continuing to develop a platform that enables every Dave Sturgis out there to validate their skills, no matter where they learned them.

From the entire Smarterer team, thank you for all of your input, ideas and support.  We envision a future where it’s easy for everyone to show what they know!

– Jennifer Fremont-Smith, CEO

Huge Milestone: 5 Million Questions Answered on Smarterer

Smarterer is off to a strong start in 2012 – back in January, we grew by 1250% during one week alone. Now, we’re excited to announce that the Smarterer community has answered over 5 million questions!

You’re using hundreds of Smarterer tests to prove your skills like Microsoft Excel, to Photoshop and CSS. In the Photoshop test alone, for example, over 12,000 people have answered over 194,000 questions to show their skills. We definitely couldn’t have crossed this big milestone without you!

Photoshop Metrics

Sure, five million is a big number, but the real reason we’re excited is that every time a questions is answered, our tests get just a little bit better at measuring your skills. Every question answer logged helps us understand just how easy or difficult a question is, and every question flagged helps us improve the quality of our tests. The more questions answered, the better able we are to improve the whole system for you and the entire community.

The team here at Smarterer is working hard every day to become the gold standard in skills validation, and we couldn’t get there without your help. Thanks for helping us create an easy way for you to show what you know, by answering questions and proving your skills!

Together, we’ll continue to improve Smarterer to help anyone, anywhere prove any skill. Answer more questions to prove a new skill today.

Jennifer Fremont-Smith, CEO