5 Reasons That Resumes Get Rejected

You’ve applied for a job and you know you’re the perfect candidate.  You’re passionate.  You’re driven.  You have the relevant education, experience and skill.  So why haven’t you heard anything back?  It might be that your chance at this job started and ended with your resume.  Why?  The Wall Street Journal’s Stuti Govil tells us the five resume mistakes you could be making.

  1. There are Factual Errors: Check and recheck everything on your resume, from the spelling of your email to the dates you worked at your last job.  Most jobs have huge applicant pools that employers must narrow down, and a sloppy mistake makes you an easy cut.
  2. It’s Too Long: Employers have less than a minute to look at most resumes, and anything over two pages is taking too much time out of their day.  If you can, keep yours to one page.
  3. Too Much Irrelevant Stuff: When you’ve worked in marketing for five years and are looking for another job in the same field, why would employers care about your high school lifeguarding gig? Focus on what’s most recent or most important to the job you’re trying to get.
  4. Poor Presentation: Stay away from crazy fonts, capital letters and jarring bold text.  Keep your resume readable and let your accomplishments speak for themselves.
  5. Online Profiles That Don’t Match: Make sure your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other public profiles are professional and don’t contradict anything on your resume.  You’re an impressive candidate, and your online presence should enhance, not destroy, that image.

For more tips and common mistakes, read the full article: Career Journal: Why Resumes Get Rejected | The Wall Street Journal