The Smarterer Code Olympics – Infographic

The summer games are coming to a close, and to finish off right we thought we’d have some good fun by making an Olympics-themed infographic to award medals to high-scoring countries for our programming-related tests. We gave out gold, silver and bronze medals for both front and back end languages.  Front end languages such as HTML and CSS give the user a great experience with the website, while back end languages like Python and Ruby go behind the scenes to keep things working.

As we dove into the data, we found that the distribution of high scores for languages was pretty diverse across the globe. Here’s a quick summary: 

  • Even though most of our users are from the US, we took only 20% of the medals in front-end languages and a little bit over 20% in the back end languages. 
  • It’s interesting to note that there is not an incredible amount of overlap—aside from the US—among medalists in the front and back end languages. 
  • This suggests that different countries may value and produce front-end and back-end engineers at different rates.
  • HTML and CSS are by far the most popular languages, illustrating that front end languages still far eclipse back end languages in popularity
  • We think this also highlights the skill shortage of engineers and the need for back end languages to catch up to address the skills gap.
Check out the infographic below to see how your country did!