This Week in Online Learning and Jobs — New MindSnacks, the Future of MOOCs, and More

It’s a brave new world for online learning and Ed 2.0, and the landscape is changing all the time.  Our political landscape is close to a huge change, too — we’re electing our next leader in just a few short months.  What’s next?  Who knows, but from the nation’s priorities to new apps to the future of college credit, read on for this week’s biggest news in jobs and online ed.

Americans Want Next President to Prioritize Jobs, Corruption via Gallup

The next presidential election is right around the corner, and Gallup did this poll to find out which issues are most important to us as a country.  Creating jobs and reducing corruption in the federal government came in first, while affordable education, the environment and increasing taxes on the wealthy ranked much lower.  Supporters of both the major candidates agreed on the top two issues.

Codecademy expands into server side languages with Python support for its “millions” of users via Design & Dev

As an avid learner of new skills, you may have come across Codecademy, one of the more popular code-teaching sites.  There you would have found access only to JavaScript, HTML, jQuery and CSS — until now.  Due to high demand, you can now learn popular server side languages like Python, which offer much greater possibilities than the other languages  Check it out and start learning something new!

MindSnacks Nabs $6.5M From Sequoia To Bring Fun Educational Games To Your Mobile Device via TechCrunch

MindSnacks, the accelerator known for their hugely popular language-learning apps, has raised a boatload of money and is excited about using it to expand and enhance their app repertoire.  They plan to develop apps for other subjects, such as math and geography, for use both in and out of the classroom.  They’re also gathering data on how their users learn to make the apps smarter and more adaptive — apps that understand what you’re struggling with and how to help you.  Pretty cool, right?

The Online Pecking Order via Inside Higher Ed

MOOCs, MOOCs, MOOCs — Massive Open Online Courses from the most prestigious universities seem to be the only thing anyone can talk about in the online education world today.  But what about the colleges that have already carved out a profitable space for themselves online?  How can they stay in business when Harvard is the competition?  Maybe by becoming the middleman and helping students turn MOOCs into legitimate college credits.  Being able to earn college credit for your skills and knowledge, no matter where you learned them?  That could have huge implications for our current educational system.

That’s the news this week.  Did we miss something?  Let us know in the comments or tweet @Smarterer.