3 Millennial Characteristics That Could Land You a Job

The US is facing a hard truth: The Millennials are growing up.  That means, of course, that people are fascinated with whether or not this generation will be able to handle what’s coming in their lives.  The Daily Beast is throwing in their two cents, for example, with a massive series on “Generation Screwed.”

So yeah, there’s the rough part — that we’re stepping into a world littered with problems and we may be feeling a little unprepared, especially with all the negative press about us.  But there’s good news, too!  Among all the snarky lists of what makes a Millennial a Millennial, there are some traits that will probably actually get you a job.  So don’t give up just yet — if you’re under 30, consider whether you should be playing up these generational strengths in your job search (If they even apply to you — obviously any talk about an entire generation is making some big generalizations).

1.  You are a digital native.
You remember a time when people had to look everything up in books, but those memories are getting fuzzy around the edges.  If handed a computer, you can figure out the answer to most questions in seconds, and you have an innate sense of how to share and communicate on social networks — skills (as natural as they seem to you) that a lot of people don’t have.

Dan Schawbel suggests that employers take advantage of this Millennial trait by establishing a reverse mentoring relationship.

Millenials “were born using computers, use smart phones constantly, and are always logged onto social networks.  Managers can learn a thing or two from them.”

He suggests that “Milennials and their managers should come together to learn from each other because it will improve productivity and relationships.”

Don’t undersell natural ability to understand technology.  Even if you’re not a technology guru, digital fluency means you will be able to learn quickly on the job and help others to whom the new information won’t come as easily.

2.  You care about making a difference.
Gone are the days when everybody went to work just to make money.  When Millennials take jobs, they look for something meaningful and fulfilling.

Citing a Net Impact report in an article for the Harvard Business Review, Lara Galinski concluded that “the Millennial generation wants, and expects, to do good and do well in their paid work.”

Employers have always wanted employees who truly care about what they do, and if you’re a Millennial, you may be making that a priority without even thinking about it.  When your passion for a job is real, you will be a valuable employee.  Don’t forget to emphasize what moves you, and how strongly you feel about making the world a better place.

3.  You can multitask.
No longer do you have to be just a graphic designer, or just a social media manager, or just an accountant.  Now you can be all of those things, and it can be an advantageous to you.

Ross Martin told Forbes that Millennials are a generation that doesn’t hold just one job title.

“Millennials aren’t just position players,” he said.  “They don’t just play first base or left field.  They are ‘athletes,’ and their external hard drives are wired to do many things at once.”

That means that the many skills and interests that go into making you you can all help in your current or future job.  It won’t be difficult for you to wear multiple hats in one position.  Also, even skills that you don’t use directly at work can help if the company decides to go in a new direction and needs guidance.

So don’t lose hope — we think the Millennial generation has a lot to offer in today’s world.  Let us know your opinion!