The Future of Education Technology [Infographic]

As education reinvents itself to keep up with emerging technologies, both inside and outside the classroom, we’re seeing an explosion of EdTech innovations of both tools and practices that change how students can learn. This infographic forecasts a handful of changes that will come into ubiquity over the next 30 years.

Some of these changes in education technology are already starting to appear – mobile technologies for learning, for example, are already in use by the University of Phoenix, which makes sense because they cater to busy adults. Gamification and disintegration are both starting to crop up, especially in online learning platforms like Codecademy, but also in the emerging field of digital textbooks and assessment-driven learning, where the curriculum is dependent on a knowledge of current skill. Others are a little less predictable (“Reactive furniture”). Still, it’s a fascinating picture of what might be.

Click the image for an easier-to-read size.

Infographic by TFE Research and Michelle Zappa, via Envisioning Technology