What Type of Learner Are You — An Infographic

You’ve always loved to read, but when you listen to a lecture the points just don’t seem to stick.  Your best friend, on the other hand, excels when he has to build something but finds writing essays torturous.  What’s the deal?  You each have a different learning style, and understanding what those styles are can help you maximize your productivity and ability to learn new skills.

Often learning style breaks down into four types:

  • Visual: Fast talkers who learn by seeing charts and diagrams, and do best when they’re underlining and color-coding detailed notes.
  • Auditory: Natural listeners who can learn best if they hear lectures, watch videos and record notes aloud after writing them.
  • Kinesthetic: Hands-on learners who can’t sit still for long and learn best when they’re solving real-world problems.
  • Read/Write: This type is not yet official, but these learners learn and memorize by reading and writing.

Once you know what type of learner you are, you can make better use of your strengths and work around your weaknesses for an overall better educational experience.  Check out the infographic below from Online College to figure out which type you are and see tips for how to make the best of your learning style!