Adaptive Learning: Improving Education Through Technology

Thanks to improving technologies of online education, we are continuously reminded that the classic chalkboard and textbook style of education is no longer going to meet the needs of all students. Though the education industry is rapidly evolving, there are still problems left unanswered. Big problems, as Jose Ferreira puts it. Ferreira is the founder and CEO of Knewton, an online adaptive learning platform for students across the globe. Adaptive learning, the idea that teaching should be tailored to each student’s needs, is now becoming an education standard.

In an interview with Mashable, Ferreira talks about the history of Knewton, its vision and end goal, in addition to the role of gamification in learning. Knewton uses a point and badge system to reward students for achievements while encouraging them to continue learning. Here’s some of what Ferreira said about gaming in education:

We can also trick you into working harder with a game-like interface. We have points and badges, which we use as “microrewards.” Adaptive learning will optimize every minute you give us. Adaptive engagement is a way to trick you into giving us more of your time to hit more material and learn more concepts, because we can measure your engagement. We’re going to constantly tease with “Oh, you’re so close, keep going, great job,” to keep the student engaged.

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