The World of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs)—An Infographic

Massive Online Open Courses—or MOOCs—is becoming a hot buzzword these days in both the realms of education startups and higher education. Going beyond the simple phrase “online learning,” MOOCs capture four unique aspects of this new educational paradigm:

  • Massive—Content can reach people all across the globe at an unprecedented scale.
  • Open—Traditional barriers to access (college enrollment and tuition) are no longer prohibitive.
  • Online—Okay, this is obvious. But the medium of delivery has changed from in-person to online.
  • Courses—Rather than piecing together snippets of content across the web, you can participate in a neatly packaged course with a logical structure.

This infographic from Online Colleges breaks down some of the history of MOOCs and just what it is that makes them so unique: