Today’s Online Learning Options: 5 Things to Know

With new services popping up all the time for those of us who desire to learn more, online education is no longer a novel idea, but rather an industry of innovation. Education 2.0 is now giving us opportunities to extend our knowledge, especially as it is becoming more apparent that jobs for graduates are harder to find. But with all the different online services out there, how can you know which ones to trust to give you a high-level learning experience like that of a classroom?

Edudemic, an online magazine focused on education, and STIZZiL, an online tutoring platform, both agree that there are certain criteria that are crucial to positive learning experiences. STIZZiL suggests evaluating any online learning platform on the following 5 components:

  • Human Guidance—to what degree can you interact with instructors and students?
  • Pedagogical Expertise—do instructors know the subject matter and effective ways to engage students?
  • Real-time Interaction—can you communicate in real time with your classmates?
  • Personalization of Content—will your curriculum fit your learning style?
  • Innovative Use of Technology—are instructors using technology to their advantage?
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