8 Tips to Show Yourself Off with LinkedIn

Last week, we talked a little bit about Twitter and your personal brand. Twitter can certainly be a helpful tool, but why limit yourself to 140 characters? Now you want to take the next step to really enhance your personal brand by bringing in the professional element. But on Twitter, there isn’t much room to share your resume and your followers aren’t even expecting to see it. Your personal brand needs something else.

If you’re thinking about Facebook as a solution, pause for a minute and ask yourself, “Who’s going to see this?”. You don’t want to be boasting on your profile about your professional and academic achievements when what your friends really want to see is your new photo album from your latest vacation. Simply put, Facebook is just not exactly the right place for you to put the spotlight on the professional side of your personal brand.

Enter LinkedIn, the social networking tool specifically designed for this purpose. People are on LinkedIn with the intention of looking at your resume. You won’t find a better place to freely share 100% (quite literally) of your career achievements and goals. Lindsey Pollak gives a fantastic list of 8 ways to utilize LinkedIn for your personal brand.

Her points cover three main topics:

So you’ve spent time on Twitter, giving your followers a pretty good sense of your personality and what your interests are, but your personal brand needs to show your professional side. LinkedIn is the perfect social network to bring your brand full circle.
Read Lindsey Pollak’s full article here:

How to Showcase Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn: 8 Tips | Lindsey LinkedInPollak

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