Kickstart Your Personal Brand With Twitter

Use Twitter for your Job SearchWith all the different kinds of social media tools out in the vast sea of information that is the Internet, it’s easy to get lost. Sure, you have your big players like Facebook and your revolutionaries like Pinterest, but soon many of us have to simply say “enough is enough” with the networks. Sometimes all these social tools can just distract from our personal brand goals and how we should be reaching them.

While it’s certainly helpful to maintain profiles on these social networks, not all of us have the time to invest to effectively keep up. So what’s the solution? Jorgen Sundberg, a social media specialist and trainer, says that Twitter is the perfect tool.

Everything you do on Twitter, he says, highlights your personal brand in 5 different ways:

  • Your bio
  • The people you follow / that follow you
  • Your content
  • How you interact
  • How much time you spend on there

TwitterIf you know you don’t have the time (or simply don’t want) to engage in multiple social networks to enhance your personal brand, Twitter can certainly give you what you’re looking for. Think you’ve already mastered Twitter? Give our Twitter test a shot and see how you do!

Read Jorgen Sundberg’s full article here:

Why Twitter is the Perfect Branding Tool | Jorgen Sundberg