Working on Your Personal Brand? Try These 3 Tips

Job SearchIf we aren’t already here, we’re certainly coming close to an age in which a social network brand is an employment standard. Online social websites are exploding – just look at how fast Pinterest came out of nowhere! As we’ve pointed out before, employers are definitely looking at your social presence if you’re searching or applying for a job. We’ve given some awesome tips on how to clean up your profiles, like your Facebook page, so that employers don’t see the wrong side of you.

But naturally, we don’t want to become someone we’re not, especially if we’re trying to build a true personal brand which we’re going to stick to. Whether we’re employed or searching, we all want to maintain the most attractive personal brand that we can. Jacob Share gives us a nice list of common personal branding mistakes and we’re here to give you some tips for avoiding the big ones.

  • Keep your eye on the target.Ask yourself, “What am I trying to do with my social presence?” Maybe you’re trying to gain followers to your company’s website, attract readers for your blog, or apply for a job. In each case, you may want to consider fine-tuning your personal brand to best fit the situation. Set some goals for yourself and if you can, try to quantify them. For example, set deadlines or social quotas, like how many new Twitter followers you want each week.
  • Share a personalized website.You can’t personalize your company’s product landing page. And if you’re applying for a position, you probably don’t want to show off your Facebook profile as an example of your writing ability. Consider starting your own blog – write about things that you’re interested in, about your company, about a topic, about anything that you’d like that follows your personal branding plan. Blogging not your style? It’s as simple as setting up an page, so take 20 minutes to write a little about yourself and solidify your personal brand.
  • Engage with your community.Developing and maintaining a personal brand is not a set-and-forget process. Stay active in the social sphere. If you’ve decided to go with a blog, don’t be afraid to share your writing with your network because, don’t forget, your network has a network too. Letting people see what you’ve written also shows that you’re confident in what you have to say and, therefore, your personal brand. Be sure to place the link to your blog and your on your social networks (like in the “bio” section) so readers know where to go to find more. Consider using these networks that we’ve suggested or these tools, like Tweetdeck, that Ryan Rancatore thinks are helpful to get you closer to your personal branding goals.

Developing your personal brand takes time and effort. Think carefully about what you want to share – keep your plan in mind. But once you decide, be confident. Put yourself in a spotlight, share things, write things, and be exactly who you want to be!

Have tips of your own? Share them below!