Reach Your Professional Goals with a Career GPS

Go in the right direction for your careerAll major job search strategies—tailoring your applications, identifying your strengths, and focusing your efforts—require that you really know what you want professionally. If you don’t have clearly-defined goals, you are susceptible to either getting stuck in a career rut or advancing in a direction where you don’t want to go.

That’s why Bonnie Marcus, an executive coach, recommends that you “GPS your career.” This doesn’t require micromanaging every single hour of every single day, or even every decision you might make on the job. Creating a career GPS essentially boils down to:

  • Identifying your ultimate career goals (destination)
  • Understanding your professional strengths and unique value proposition (current location)
  • Formulate a plan for reaching your destination (directions)

These steps are straightforward but not easy. Creating your turn-by-turn directions requires a lot of due diligence, but luckily there are an abundance of resources to help you determine the best steps for you to reach your destination. For more insight into how to create your personal career GPS, read Bonnie Marcus’s full article in Forbes: