Show off your skills with new Levels!

You’ve worked hard to learn important skills, and Smarterer gives you a simple way to show them off! Levels let you prove your knowledge, to see how you stack up, and make it clear to the world just how much you know.

What Are Levels?
Smarterer’s Levels are a simple scoring scale that ranges from Beginner to Master, to prove how well you’ve developed a skill. All Smarterer tests use an 800 point scale, and your level reflects how you compare to other people who have taken the test for the same skill. Your Level is displayed on your badge along with your score.

Smarterer levels

How Do They Work?
Think you’ve got what it takes to reach the next level? As you answer questions correctly, you’ll move up through the levels, collecting badges for your achievements along the way.

Why Do Levels Matter?
Everyone’s a self-proclaimed “expert” these days. Levels give you an easy way to stand out from the crowd, that’s a true measure of how well you know a skill. Embed your skill badges in your blog or resume, or even tweet your score to the world to prove how well you know your stuff.

What Are You Waiting For?!
If you don’t show them, how will anyone know just how good you are? We’ve got 400+ tests for anything you might be good at. Take a Smarterer test now to discover your Level!

The Smarterer Team

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    The trivia is fun to take!  Keep adding the fun categories!