License to Skill: Patrick Berzai

At Smarterer, we’re not shy to say we love our users. From students who are embarking on their career to professionals looking to validate their long-learned knowledge, each of our users has their own story of skill and success. We’re sharing these stories on our License to Skill Q&A series, so read up and get inspired to embark on your own skill-seeking mission.

Tell us about yourself! Where do you work? What do you do?

I’m Patrick Berzai.  I do business development at Boston Logic Technology Partners which is a software and online marketing company focused on real estate.

What digital tools do you use every day for work? What about for play?

For work I use both Twitter for lead generation and ‘soft’ outreach and a CRM (Zoho CRM) to keep track of sales leads.  I also use Facebook forums to discuss industry trends with other real estate agents and brokers who consider technology to stay ahead of the curve and close more deals.

Personally, I mostly use Facebook to keep in touch with friends.   I use Facebook as a social CRM in my lifelong effort to flout the Dunbars Number.  I can maintain  meaningful relationships with all of my friends old and new, all over the world.

What has changed about the skills that your job demands since you first started?

Since I began my job at Boston Logic, I’ve acquired a significant amount of offline skill in sales as far as asking the right questions and consulting our clients about how to get ahead in their online marketing by leveraging technology to get better search engine ranking for real estate sales searches, as well as use social media to drive traffic to their websites.

Boston LogicAlso, I’ve slowly gotten people at my office to see the value of social media in lead generation efforts.

How do skills play a role in your personal and professional brand?

Most of my skills enhance my personal brand in effort to enhance the profile of my company and drive revenue growth.  People need to trust that I know all there is to know about online marketing and social media so that they trust that my company is the best choice for their personal and professional brands.

Where do you go to learn new skills? What resources do you use?

I have always been curious about the internet and marketing in general, which comes from my background studying philosophy.  The internet changes almost daily, so if you do not stay on top of it, you will fall behind.  I read TechCrunch, Mashable, Search Engine Land as well as various real estate sources and blogs daily.

What skills or tools do you plan on learning in the next year?

I’d like to get a bit better with Google Analytics as well as perfect my ‘voice’ for my own personal blog.  I would also like to be a bit better at using, even though I do not use it now.

Which of your skills are you most proud of? Why?

Well, I would have to say it is my social media skills.  Personally, I dont think you can teach social media.  Sure, you can show someone who is bad at it how to be confident.  But those who are good at it are just naturally good networkers.

How did you first hear about Smarterer? Why do you keep coming back?

A friend of mine told me about it and I wrangled an invite.  What keeps me coming back is that I love trivia and challenging myself to know all there is to know on certain industry (and non-industry) topics.  It’s fun.


How does Smarterer help you professionally? How do you use your scores and badges?

In the era of LinkedIn, you get many recruiters scanning your profile so I put a link to it on there. Many start ups or tech savvy companies know of Smarterer and what it does.  Some companies that have contacted me even have tests on Smarterer so it is a great way to get a leg up on the game.

I have used it in resume’s as a list of my skills as a way to make my resume more visual and to highlight the fact that when I say I know Google Analytics, it’s not just me saying that; a third party source can verify it.

If you could challenge anyone to your favorite Smarterer test, who would it be? Which test would you challenge ’em to?

I’m a lover, not a fighter so I dont think I would challenge anyone in particular.  I do like to look at the leaderboards, so whomever knocked me off my spot on a particular day I’d likely challenge.  All in fun, of course!