January 14: Smarterer Content Call-Out!

Every day, Smarterer users add new tests and questions to our system, giving you more chances to test your smarts and show off your skills. Each week, we like to highlighting the recent additions and fresh finds so that you can keep improving your scores! Remember, because these tests are brand new, their questions are put through our Question Nursery to make sure they’re accurate — keep an eye out for the Nursery screen so that you can make edits if needed. Here’s what’s new this week…

New skills tests this week:

Photoshop TestPhotoshop: Our Photoshop test isn’t new this week, but it does have loads of new questions to put your masking, cropping and filter effect skills to the test. Login, refresh your Photoshop score and share with the world! Take the test!

New interests and knowledge tests this week:

Knitting TestKnitting: Knitting is a method by which thread or yarn may be turned into cloth or other fine crafts. Knitting has emerged as a popular craft and trendy hobby. Put your knitting, yarn, and knitting accoutrement smarts to the test! This test is so new it still needs a few more questions before you can take it. Help us out by adding questions of your own – get started.

occupationsOccupation Vocabulary: This brand new test is a great example of how Smarterer can be used for a study tool. Whether working with your children to learn new vocabulary or practicing your English language skills, this test about jobs and occupational phrases is a great place to get started. Take the test!