About Smarterer

Smarterer provides over 900 crowdsourced assessments tests to help thousands of recruiters and job seekers around the world quantify any skill in minutes. People are rapidly accumulating new professional skills every day, and traditional tests and interview methods just can’t keep up. Our crowdsourced tests cull the collective intelligence of hundreds of thousands of people, quickly surfacing the emergence of new skills and the latest workforce trends.

Think about your favorite food. The one you can’t get enough of. Chocolate cake, guacamole, deep dish pizza. Now imagine if you felt the same way about taking a test. Smarterer’s multiple choice tests are positively addicting. They’re actually enjoyable.

Founded in 2010 by Dave Balter, Jennifer Fremont-Smith and Mike Kowalchik, we’re backed by Google Ventures and True Ventures. Our passionate community of users have taken over 2 million tests and answered over 20 million questions.