How Scoring Works

Smarterer Scores

Similar to the GMAT or SAT we use an 800 point scale to represent skill level. Our test questions adapt to your level, and your score reflects how you rank against other people who have taken the same skill test. Grades like "A", "B" and "C" are so elementary school…

Smarterer Levels


Smarterer Rank

Visit your dashboard to view your rank for every test session you’ve logged. Your rank reflects how you stack up against everyone who has taken the test, and will change over time.

How Scoring Works

Smarterer's numeric scoring method is based on Glicko, the same system used to score chess masters (and even Xbox!). Let’s say you show up at a chess tournament and you’re a master, and someone shows up to play you who is ranked much lower. Glicko puts you at the top of your class, and ranks your opponent accordingly. If your opponent beats you, their score increases dramatically, but if you beat your opponent, your score only sees a minor change, given the difference in your skill levels.

We use a variation of the same system - we’ve made every question the competitor to every person who takes that question.

Smarterer Scoring FAQs

  • Test questions are adaptive. You will see easier and harder questions based on how you answer questions.
  • Your score changes over time. Each of our tests get ‘smarter' every day, as new questions are added and more people answer each question, helping us understand its difficulty level. This means your score will naturally change slightly over time, as more people take each test. Take tests periodically as you learn to keep your scores up to date!
  • Adding questions can increase your score. One way to help your score improve is to add questions. The better they perform in the system, the more value they'll provide to your score.