How It Works

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Smarterer provides hundreds of skill tests to help you measure what you know and discover where you have room to improve. Browse tests.

Answer Questions

Our system uses adaptive technology to identify your skill level and give you just the right questions. You'll be challenged, but that's a good thing, right?

  • Every question is multiple choice.
  • Questions are timed, and the longer the question, the more time you have. But there's no rush—how quickly you answer does not affect your score.
  • Smarterer users (like you!) create our questions. If you see an incorrect question, flag it, so we can give it some TLC.

Get Your Score

We’ll show you a message with your numeric score as soon as we’ve identified your skill level. While you can always continue answering questions to try to improve, our mathematicians are pretty darn smart about determining your true score. Scored well and wanna toot your horn? You can share any of your scores right from your dashboard. You'll also receive a badge—if you never made it to Eagle Scout, or got kicked out of the Girl Scouts, here's your chance!

Improve Your Skills

When you complete a test, head to your dashboard for everything you need to know about your score all in one place. Every question you answered is available for review. See what you answered correctly and learn from your mistakes.

Track Your Progress

Been brushing up on a new skill? Make sure to head back to Smarterer to measure your progress as you improve!


  • Create Tests: Don’t see a test you’re looking for? Create a test!
  • Add Questions: Got knowledge? Locate a skill in your dashboard and click “Contribute” to add test questions. Your score will go up based on how that question performs with others.
  • Review Nursery Questions: Want to lend a helping hand? Many of our questions are newbies, and still need review before they’re ready for prime-time. Visit the Contribute section of your dashboard to review these “Nursery Questions”.