TeamSourced skill assessments

by smarterer

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Win the skills game

Discover which skills your team has,
and which skills they need.

Flock assessments inform:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Talent Recruitment
  • Learning & Development

Develop a skills inventory

  • Select a skill to assess.
  • Choose test questions from Smarterer's database of thousands.
  • Invite your SMEs to write questions, promoting content validity.
  • Assess your team, identifying strengths and skill gaps.
  • Use the output to inform the entire employee lifecycle.

Rich score reporting

Identify high-performers and surface training opportunities.

"I believe [Smarterer] is changing the testing industry as we know it... making it very easy to evaluate things that are not commonly measured by traditional employment tests."
Charles Handler
Psychometrician, ere.net
A normal, or Gaussian, distribution describes all Smarterer test scores. We begin with the hypothesis that a new test taker has a "medium" skill level.

Quantify Any skill in as few as 10 questions and 120 seconds

Imagine a test that's actually fun to take.

Flock's TeamSourcing tools give testers a voice, letting people rank and comment on each question. They're fast too — Smarterer's machine-learning algorithm uses elements of Item Response Theory and Bayesian inference, adapting with each question answered to rapidly produce a score.

Flock teamsourcing in action

Elance Case Study
We work with Fortune 500 companies.
(Shh! Our client list is confidential).
"Linking courseware with skill assessments and jobs enables our freelancers to build their skills, win higher paying jobs and have a long-term career."
Fabio Rossi, CEO of Elance

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