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Fast is the new big. Quantify skills in as few as 10 questions & 120 seconds.

Imagine a test that’s actually fast, accurate, and fun.

Rapidly Assess Skills

Smarterer combines engaging social software and reliable science.

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  • Dynamic Assessment Engine
  • More than 800 Web-Based Skill Assessments
  • Living Library of Crowdsourced Skill Tests
  • 78,000,000

    Questions answered
  • 2,500,000

    Test sessions

1980s approaches to testing can’t keep up
with the pace of change in 2015.

Smarterer Adaptive skill testing
Smart Traditional testing
Adaptive skill testing

Smarterer leverages the people on the front lines - subject matter experts in your field - and incorporates direct feedback from users to remain fresh.

Heavily manual, expensive, time-intensive process led by select experts lags behind the rapid pace of change of in-demand skills.


Sleek, gamified and current.

Cumbersome, long and outdated.

Questions per Test

As few as 10


Test Time

As few as 120 seconds

Up to hours

App Developer, Social Media Marketer, Cloud Computing Manager...

Ten years ago, these jobs didn’t exist.

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